The Team

Steve Park, Owner

Safety makes Steve smile

With more than 23 years experience in the electrical and instrumentation industry, developed skills in project management, journeyman certification as an electrician and instrument technician, and strong leadership abilities make Steve a valuable asset to your project.

Steve’s commitment to safety and comprehensive knowledge provide a level of confidence in his work that is unsurpassed.


Our Superintendents coordinate with project management and the Foremen. Their main responsiblities are to advance the project in a safe and profitable manner.

General Foreman

General Foreman will liaise with the Foreman so manpower issues are handled. The General Foreman will use the Foremen to gather information about material and installations so the project stays on schedule.


The Foremen will make sure their crews are adaquately supplied with material and all safety gear. Each Foreman will ensure their workers have completed all safety training and payroll paperwork. Foremen will ensure the right person is doing the right installation.

Senior Technicans

Senior Technicians will be dual ticketed with instrumentation being one of the trades. These workers are considered independant and can be relied on to complete any task they are given.


All journeymen technicians at Sparxco will be ticketed in Instrumentation or hold an interprovincial red seal.


Technoligists are considered third year apprenticies who have completed their schooling through a credited school.


Apprentices will be hired from the province where the project is located.

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