Success Stories

Sparxco is proud of its various successes, automation skills and expertise within the industry.

Every project Sparxco Instrumentation and Automation Ltd. works on is done with a perfect safety record. Although accidents happen our safety record is our biggest and most important success story.


Success Story 1

An installation that garners trust from engineers, operations and the maintenance staff requires as much preliminary work as the actual installation and final calibration. Clients want the ability to view daily calibrations and trend measurements with second-to-second resolution. The most important step to an installation is where the actual instruments are located in the process. Whether representative or repeatable, and most often both, all locations must be accessible. Sparxco Instrumentation’s tradesmen makes all installations maintenance friendly.

The project was to reinstall a CEM (Cross-stack Emmission Monitoring) system on a lime kiln stack. The original installation required carrying calibration gas up numerous flights of stairs and daily calibrations often failed. Sparxco Instrumentation’s solution was to run an instrument tray to a lockable bottle rack, run teflon tubes in it and install a solenoid calibration manifold in the small building housing the instruments. There were five certified calibration gas streams and eight simultaneous, continuous measurements being conducted for the CEM.

We collected all the data in a GE 90-30 PLC and used Plant Manager software for the HMI. Having fully automated the calibration and data collection, we were then asked to build an automated downtime reporting routine.

What we at Sparxco Instrumentation and Automation Ltd. are most proud of, is the project was completed within a short window of opportunity. The installation worked properly and with a few adjustments the system went live. This project is a testament to the people involved that a well planned project is beneficial to the client and to the project.

Success Story 2

Dual species, fully cross limited, O2 trimmed is a Boiler Management Control System (BMCS). While that statemant doesn’t mean much unless you understand boilers, Sparxco Instrumentation and Automation had an opportunity to program the logic for just such a BMCS. The client used an Allen Bradley SLC500 PLC. We designed the shutdown key and incorporated a Honeywell Burner Managment System for the shutdowns.

All the devices were purchased and the decision to use a Gray-scale HMI was made, the rest of the instrumentation design criterion was addressed.

Sparxco Instrumentation and Automation Ltd. shared huge success with the mechanical contracor as well in that the project was completed in a very short timeframe while the client was in a maintenance shutdown. The commissioning and start-up were completed in only two days. Albeit, some process alarm issues were solved, a little later the client purchased several more programs from Sparxco Instrumentation and increased the work responsibilities.

Success Story 3

This success is a testament to communication. Sparxco Instrumentation and Automation Ltd. was awarded the supervisory role for a $750 million boiler project. This project was having serious problems, as no one could foresee the final product so people were frustrated, wouldn’t listen, lost their pride and the project was in trouble. Sparxco Instrumentation saw that there was alot of misdirection and set up a QA/QC Department to ensure all questions were answered correctly. As well as daily meetings with all crafts on site, Sparxco Instrumentation led a crew of twelve instrumentation technicians, performed the QA/QC and provided support for the installation designs.

There were four major milestones on this project and Sparxco Instrumentation and Automation Ltd. is very proud to say each one met the schedule that was set up early in the project. We are most proud that the project, as far as the instrumentation is concerned, came in on time and under budget. All of this was made possible by some very smart and shrewd managers and it certainly was a learning experiance for many.